Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Katy Perry’s Glam Team Spills All!

Ever wonder what’d it be like to work for Katy Perry? It must be so much fun, right?! We wanted to find out exactly what happens behind-the-scenes, so we talked to her stylist, Johnny Wujek, and her makeup artist, Todd Delano. They spilled some pretty juicy details about working with the star. Check out our Q&A below!

Johnny Wujek is Katy’s personal stylist. He comes up with all of the designs for her tour costumes, and picks out outfits for her to wear for photo shoots and red carpet events.
B&TB: How did you meet Katy?
Johnny: I met her 10 years ago at a fashion event in Los Angeles, California. We ended up hanging out the rest of the night and exchanged numbers. She told me she was a musician, so I told her if she ever needed to borrow any clothes, call me! Two days later she called me and said, ‘Hey, it’s Katy. I’m going to a party and need something to wear. Can I come over?’ She hasn’t stopped calling me since!
B&TB: What’s something most people probably wouldn’t know about her?
Johnny: Katy’s such an outgoing, vocal person. She’s exactly how she comes off. She’s honest, she burps, she makes jokes. She loves junk food — we try to eat healthy, but then she’ll be like, ‘I want pizza!’
B&TB: What was your favorite costume you designed for her California Dreams tour?
Johnny: Gosh, that’s so difficult! I loved the Hershey kiss outfit, but I also loved all of the magic dresses during “Hot ‘N’ Cold” where she changes like eight times. It was magic happening right in front of your eyes. It was so fun!
B&TB: Her style has evolved so much over the years. How would you describe her most current look?
Johnny: We used to be a lot more silly, play around a little bit more. Her style is getting a little more sophisticated, but there’s still those fun elements. Like her lime green outfit for the Kids’ Choice Awards — it was so perfect for the moment!
Todd Delano is Katy’s makeup artist. He’s always coming up with creative new beauty looks for Katy to try!
B&TB: When did you meet Katy?
Todd: I met her in April 2008. She was performing for a People magazine event and I was hired to do her makeup. We hit it off and she asked me to do her makeup the next day. A few months later she asked me to be her makeup artist on her first tour. It all happened very quickly!
B&TB: How has Katy’s beauty look evolved since you first worked with her?
Todd: I think her look is maturing a bit. When she first started, she was really into that vintage pinup girl look. She still has that crazy, quirky style. She definitely likes to have fun with fashion, hair and makeup.
B&TB: Can you spill a secret about Katy? Maybe something funny she does in the makeup chair?
Todd: She is very OCD, but in a good way! If something drops on the floor, for example, it has to be picked up immediately. If there’s one piece of lint on a black dress, she’ll stare at it until it goes away.
B&TB: On average, about how long does it take to prepare Katy’s beauty look for a red carpet event?
Todd: Makeup wise, about an hour. But that’s if she’s sitting still! There’s always a lot going on. She’s usually on her cell phone, listening to music, going through magazines and commenting on things, or eating.
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